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RE: volunteer talkers needed 8-> [was Re: [Fsfe-uk] Government to becom

From: Chris Puttick
Subject: RE: volunteer talkers needed 8-> [was Re: [Fsfe-uk] Government to become MS's biggest biztalk customer]
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 13:45:58 +0100

I've done some talking before, over the NHS MS deal. You can email the Competition Commission via their webpage:


Remember these people do not like Microsoft. The last investigation they were conducting in to them was so negative that MS (Billy himself) decided to "exercise their right not to have a hearing".

At one point a Commission employee rang me at work to ask what information I had, which demonstrates a considerable level of interest in stopping MS anti-competitive practices. Forcing numerous departments to buy a single vendor solution is anti-competitive (and against official UK government policy - what was eGIF for?)

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From: david casal
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Sent: 4/25/02 12:47 PM
Subject: Re: volunteer talkers needed 8-> [was Re: [Fsfe-uk] Government to become  MS's biggest biztalk customer]

On Thu, 25 Apr 2002, Richard Smedley wrote:

> OK then - who's good at all this talking
> to bureaucrats business.
> Volunteers please take one stap forward :-)

[One bureaucrat-blagging-able volunteer stepping forward.]

Since I'm already getting deeper in EC 5-6th Framework politics as of
late, I might as well see if I can help.

Again, though, which EC comission are we talking about?


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