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RE: [Fsfe-uk] FW: Becta Research conference

From: Chris Puttick
Subject: RE: [Fsfe-uk] FW: Becta Research conference
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 08:29:14 +0100

Ok, my agenda, if I go:

Discussing with Becta personnel why they don't feel able to support developments, rather than just "advising" on available (commercial) solutions. This is specifically in relation to a leetle project we're working on (PHP/SQL/Perl developers, technical and user documenters and testers always welcome - see hobarte.sourceforge.com) that could save education 8 figure sums of money.

Now as this project is based entirely around open source (strictly free software? I'm not certain - you need Kylix Enterprise to compile some (a very small fraction) of the source), this does lead nicely into more list-related topics. Suggestions welcome.

I will also be taking a laptop, loaned to me by Maxdata, which I'm using to demonstrate GNU/Linux and related software to associated schools. The machine has been specifically selected to impress (P1.2, 256Mb SDRAM, 15" TFT, DVD/CDRW, fingerprint recognition technology, etc.) before the software is even loaded. What software is to be demonstrated beyond my narrow little agenda is open to suggestion. Has anyone got ideas for packages, preferably teaching related and preferably GNU/Linux unique to demonstrate? Things like atomix are likely to impress.

Any other issues you want me to raise?

And I'd be happy to "pen" a small report...



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From: Richard Smedley
To: 'address@hidden'
Sent: 5/20/02 6:18 PM
Subject: Re: [Fsfe-uk] FW: Becta Research conference

> Chris Puttick wrote:
> Anyone going? I probably will,

Not me. I have a prior engagement :-(

> but I'd have a full agenda so could only
> manage a little free software politicking.

Well feel free to discuss what you will have
time to "politick", and we'll try and help
with suggestions :-)

- Richard


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Production Editor, Linux Format

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