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[Fsfe-uk] AktiviX II -- Another System is Possible!

From: Chris
Subject: [Fsfe-uk] AktiviX II -- Another System is Possible!
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 23:06:36 +0100
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There is a free software for social campaigners weekend in
Sheffield in September, please forward to people who might
be interested.


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AktiviX II - Another System is Possible! 

10-12th September 2004 — Sheffield, England

A weekend for environmental / animal rights / peace /
social justice / anti-capitalist campaigners & activists /
and cultural creatives to get to know GNU/Linux, each
other, and to discuss political strategies and actions
around Information and Communication Technology

Free Software is an alternative to the products of
Microsoft and other proprietary software corporations who
do not share their code in a collaborative community or
creative commons. 

Once a plaything for geeks, GNU/Linux is now an
impressive, stable, secure, virus-free and versatile
alternative to M$ Windows. 

AktiviX is a chance to try installing, running, and
securing a GNU/Linux system, to share experiences and
enthusiasm with other activists and hackers, and make
plans for the future. 

Whatever the level of ability, confidence or experience
with computers all activists, grass-roots groups, social
workers, and others who are interested in moving to Free
software for a Free Culture are welcome. 

There will also be a meeting about an
AktiviX:CommunityServer project.  The vision is to take
control of informational flows through community building.
People are encouraged to discuss participation in this
collaborative effort with their local collectives and
friends, -bring ideas and experiences! 


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SlugBug - the Sheffield Linux Users Group and BSD Users Group

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