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[Fsfe-uk] By Monday, FP7 consultation

From: MJ Ray
Subject: [Fsfe-uk] By Monday, FP7 consultation
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 01:12:33 +0100

The EU's framework programmes support "leading-edge science and technology" 
through various types of funding for research and development. The fifth 
framework (FP5) has recently finished and projects for FP6 are being chosen 
now. There is scope for free software to benefit from these. For example, FP5 
involved "A GNU/Linux Audio (AGNULA) distribution" http://www.agnula.org/

The next one, FP7, is a €19bn (£12.7bn) fund. The DTi's Office of Science and 
Technology is running a consultation about it and you can put your response 
into a web form. The closing date is Monday. It would be really good to 
encourage support of free software and provide general feedback from our 
diverse supporters. Suggestions of points to include, and a link to the 
consultation, are on http://www.affs.org.uk/government/ and I would really 
appreciate it if people would post fuller explanations, suggestions or 
discussion to this list.

Closing date is Monday. I only found this today. I'd really appreciate help 
keeping http://www.affs.org.uk/government/ up-to-date and spotting these things 
earlier. Email me, please.

In other news, a lot of changes have hit www.affs.org.uk, so sorry if I broke 
things. Thanks to Alex for answering countless questions, but all new errors 
are mine, so please email me if you spot a breakage.

MJR/slef    My Opinion Only and not of any group I know
http://www.ttllp.co.uk/ for creative copyleft computing
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