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[Fsfe-uk] New list: affs-project

From: Alex Hudson
Subject: [Fsfe-uk] New list: affs-project
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2004 18:40:18 +0100

Eyup all.

A while ago (well, a week'n'a'bit or so in the newsletter) I alluded to
the affs-project mailing list. It's available here:


(I will put up an equivalent https access soon; I'd completely forgotton
until just this instant, sorry guys).

The idea of this list is that it's not a general free software list like
FSFE-UK, but a specific AFFS activity list - discussing stuff which is
AFFS-only, and not necessarily about free software per se at all.

I probably should have announced this a little earlier, but we do at
least have something on-topic to discuss now: AFFS's presence at
LinuxWorld in London next month. We're hopeful that we're getting a
stand (I think we have confirmation, although I think Brian.T is still
working hard on getting the .org area into shape in general). If you can
help out, or you have ideas about what we should be doing for Expo,
please punt them there. I would personally love to see more people
involved in the stand; we often have the same old stale faces (e.g.,
me ;) and it's actually pretty cool for a chat even if you can only drop
by for a few hours.

I'm also hoping that we can have either an AFFS beer event or similar
afterwards; or (more socially) a designated AFFS beer herd following the
rest of the village somewhere dingey. So, we also would like to have
people helping out with that kind of thing - even if it's just Gllugers/
Lonixers keeping us up to date with what they are doing*. 



*. It's unlikely we will need any help with beer once we are actually at
the hostelry though, so don't bother volunteering any drainage/liquid
disposal services. Cheap procurement services welcomed, however.

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