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[Fsfe-uk] AFFS grants for free software development

From: Kevin Donnelly
Subject: [Fsfe-uk] AFFS grants for free software development
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 10:24:46 +0100
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Thanks to generous donations from UKFSN and others (see 
http://www.affs.org.uk/donors/), AFFS has some funding available to support 
free software development in the UK.  This post is the first call for 
applications under the grants programme, where the total available for 
distribution will be around £1,000.

If you are working on free software which you think would benefit from modest 
additional funding, you are invited to send an application to 

The application should consist of a one-page summary of your project, 
including information such as the following:
brief description of the project;
how far it replicates or overlaps other similar projects;
how far it might add value to other related projects;
brief technical details (eg programming language, platform) if applicable;
website address if available;
current status of the project;
likely milestones (eg is an alpha or beta release near to hand?);
how many persons in total are working on the project;
the amount of money being asked for;
what the grant would be used for, and how this would further the project.

The application will go before the next AFFS Committee meeting, and the aim is 
to have a decision made on your application within 3 months of receipt.  
Preference will be given to those projects where an AFFS grant will attract 

All unsuccessful applications will be kept on file, in the hope that it may be 
possible to consider them again under the next call for applications.


Pob hwyl (Best wishes)

Kevin Donnelly
AFFS Secretary

www.kyfieithu.co.uk - Meddalwedd Rhydd yn Gymraeg
www.cymrux.org.uk - Linux Cymraeg ar un CD!

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