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Re: [Fsfe-uk] Smile to become accessible with free software, perhaps

From: Tom Chance
Subject: Re: [Fsfe-uk] Smile to become accessible with free software, perhaps
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 13:21:02 +0100
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On Wednesday 15 Sep 2004 03:43, Rufus Pollock wrote:
> Tom Chance wrote:
> > Well we discussed this briefly before, but maybe it would be a good idea
> > to use the Co-Op as a target for the first open information campaign? If
> > we can get them to ensure that all of their web sites are free software
> > friendly and only use open technologies then it would be both a
> > worthwhile win and a good rallying call for future campaigns.
> >
> > I've CC-ed Rufus Pollock of the Open Knowledge Foundation and Friends of
> > the Creative Domain since he's also doing this sort of thing in Cambridge
> > and with the UKUUG, if I'm not mistaken.
> >
> > Rufus, AFFS people, what do you say? We would need to:
> >
> > * Research what is OK and what isn't
> > * Research who to target in the Co-Op and how we should do it
> > * Develop a strategy and timetable and start working on it
> >
> > I shouldn't imagine it'd be an awful lot of work, but it'd need
> > volunteers.
> Totally agree. we should also try coordinating to actually find out if
> people are already running similar campaigns within the UK (for example
> Steve - who is cced on this email - has been working on open format stuff
> at UCL).
> I have set up an open wiki: http://www.okfn.org/iai/wiki
> to serve 2 purposes:
>       1. start work on producing the list of acceptable (open) formats
>       2. coordinate info on who is already doing what and to share materials
> I had a current proposal to try and do a division of labour on 1 where i
> would take text formats and Steve would take audio formats. I wondered
> whether you, Tom, would be interested in doing video + image formats. Of
> course anyone is welcome to work on any of other areas etc but just as a
> rough division i thought it would be a start.

OK, I have made a start on the image and video sections. I'm no expert though, 
so I suspect it'd be best to open this up to crowds who know this material 
better than we do.

Anyway, this is a digression from my original question, Rufus, which was: do 
you want to help specifically with the Co-Op campaign? As well as each of us 
pursuing our own open format campaigns in our own Universities / companies / 
etc. we can all come together and target the Co-Op with a co-ordinated 

So far we have a few anecdotal snippets about which browsers work with which 
Co-Op banking sites, a few suggestions of targets, and little else. Let's 
really work this through:



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