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Re: [Fsfe-uk] AFFS grants for free software development

From: Kevin Donnelly
Subject: Re: [Fsfe-uk] AFFS grants for free software development
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2004 23:17:35 +0100
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On Saturday 18 September 2004 9:24 pm, Jason Clifford wrote:
> I don't think it does. As you seem to think it does please justify the
> position so I can understand why being a member of AFFS makes a Free
> Software developer better than one who isn't or better able to put the
> money to good use.

I didn't make any comments about some developers being better than or worse 
than others. :-)  The burden of my comment is simple.  I've spent time on 
this as an AFFS function; you asked AFFS to distribute the money; how can 
AFFS suddenly disappear from the picture?  If you think it should, and if 
everything the Committee decides on this is going to be second-guessed, why 
don't you sort out the distribution yourself instead of asking others to 
spend time on it?  Then you're sure to be happy with whatever way you decide 
on.  But what you can't do is ask someone else to do it, and then nitpick.

> I met people at YAPC who had never heard of AFFS but had ideas for what
> could be great projects. The Perl foundation also have people at their
> disposal to work on worthwhile projects in the UK where needs can be
> identified and funding found. They offer funding of their own to match
> other grants as well.

Fine - as MJ said, tell them about it.

> I was unable to point anyone there at the AFFS website for them to find
> details.

It'll be on the website in a couple of weeks - wasn't this where we started?

> Let me be clear that I am very happy that the committee has decided to
> start a programme for this - and very thankful. I just don't think that
> announcing it to a small closed community is a good thing.

The Committee decided to do it this way.  I'm not going to unwind that 
unilaterally.  And for the nth time, it will be announced more widely 

> It would also help to have a clear idea of the anticipated timetable.
> You've asked for submissions from people with good ideas but given no
> indication of a date by which the applications should be received - just
> that you'll take up to three months to make a decision once they are in.

No such decision on a date was taken by the Committee, therefore for this 
first round there is no due date.  

I'm not going to keep replying to longer and longer whinges - as AFFS 
Secretary I have to do what the Committee decided, and that's what I have 


Pob hwyl (Best wishes)

Kevin Donnelly

www.kyfieithu.co.uk - Meddalwedd Rhydd yn Gymraeg
www.cymrux.org.uk - Linux Cymraeg ar un CD!

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