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[Fsfe-uk] Richard Stallman hurt in fatal road accident?

From: Jason Clifford
Subject: [Fsfe-uk] Richard Stallman hurt in fatal road accident?
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 13:46:19 +0100 (BST)

Does anyone know anything about what's happened to RMS and others in a 
road accident on the way to Paris from SANE2004?

So far all I have heard is as follows:

        There has been a car accident on the road from
        SANE 2004 to Paris. (confirmed)
        In the car were Richard Stallman (RMS), Hans Bakker (mclightje) 
        and Edwin Hermans (madeddie), and a possible fourth person 
        The car belongs to Rop Gongrijp, who lent it to the travelers.
        RMS was staying with Rop during SANE.
        Hans Bakker did not survive the crash. (confirmed)
        Edwin Hermans has a broken leg, a second person has an unknown
        injury. Both are in hospital.

This is from http://www.wiggy.net/tmp/accident/

Jason Clifford
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