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Re: [Fsfe-uk] M$ jump on the poverty bandwagon

From: Kevin Donnelly
Subject: Re: [Fsfe-uk] M$ jump on the poverty bandwagon
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2005 17:13:02 +0100
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On Saturday 02 Jul 2005 20:50, Martyn wrote:
> I didn't catch his entire "speech", but to me, it just gets my goat that
> someone whos company spends such an amount on advertising products,
> spreading FUD about Free alternatives to expensive software which keeps
> people in poverty or piracy is claiming to be against poverty.

It was quite short, but although the message was one of general support for 
Live8 I did find the comment "if you give people the solutions, they will use 
them" (or something like that) a bit strange, given the extent to which 
Microsoft have tried to limit solutions.  But I suppose I shouldn't let 
personal prejudice blind me to the fact that a captain of industry like Gates 
might be able to swing things a bit in the US (and possibly gain an entree 
for his company with Third World leaders, but I'm sure that's not his main 

> I can appreciate that the big names lending their support might impact
> on the G8, but to me it just reeks of a publicity stunt to make people
> think that M$ actually have morals.

For me, it actually devalued Live8 a bit, in the sense that if the organisers 
haven't bothered to research this sort of thing (and speak to countries like 
Brazil), it makes you wonder how well-founded some of their other points are.  
In particular, the emphasis on procuring a level playing-field in trade, etc, 
seems to sit oddly with support from Mr Gates.  There's not much point saying 
this, however, since you will probably be accused of whinging.

Pob hwyl / Best wishes

Kevin Donnelly

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