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Re: [Fsfe-uk] Hosting for Sixth Form College student Wordpress install

From: Clive Menzies
Subject: Re: [Fsfe-uk] Hosting for Sixth Form College student Wordpress install
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 23:15:59 +0100
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On (28/09/05 22:05), A. S. Bradbury wrote:
> Apologies if this is not completely on-topic, though I think this is a topic 
> many readers of this list may have some knowledge of. I attend a UK Sixth 
> Form College that currently has no form of student-run publication. The 
> traditional 'student newspaper' concept isn't likely to work for a variety of 
> reasons, and there is interest in being a little more experimental, setting 
> up more of a collaborative weblog. The plan is to set up Wordpress, accept 
> submissions, publish regularly and allow comments. Informed debate forms and 
> creative arguments are published, and everyone is happy - or at least that's 
> the plan. The problem is that there's no way the student council can get the 
> required level of hosting on the college's internal server (the admin is 
> concerned about security...). 
> This leaves only the option of external hosting. Hosted blogs such as blogger 
> are too inflexible. It should be fairly low traffic, low-bandwidth and 
> wouldn't be too expensive. It's just hard to get people to agree to allowing 
> the funds to be spent without an idea of what we might achieve and the 
> success it would gain. Ideally, I'm interested if anyone knows of a UK web 
> hosting company or organisation with some web space that would be interested 
> in helping to enable this project to go forward at no cost? Sorry that this 
> post is quickly written. Please reply with any 
> comments/questions/suggestions/offers for help either to the list or to me 
> personally.

I'm not sure whether this will help but we've been evaluating content
management systems for a client; we installed and tried plone,
PHPwebsite, drupal and joomla (from the ex-mambo developers).  Long
story short, we're recommending Joomla for a variety of reasons; when
looking at hosting, we came across http://www.netshinesoftware.com who
seem close to the joomla project.  Netshine offers competitive hosting
and may see supporting you as a worthwhile PR exercise ultimately
expanding their userbase.

Joomla would be an ideal platform on which to build your student

Worth a try?



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