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[Fsfe-uk] Alert: IPRED2 letter, 1 day to act

From: Ciaran O'Riordan
Subject: [Fsfe-uk] Alert: IPRED2 letter, 1 day to act
Date: 16 Feb 2006 13:04:48 +0000
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I can't work on this.  Can someone?

Benjamin Henrion writes:
> Please try to make a similar letter and send it to your governement:
> http://wiki.ffii.org/Ipred2GovLtrsEn
> We have one working day to put pressure on governements.
> If patents is removed from the list, it is a HUGE achievement, so we
> don't have to lobby against it in the near future.

The main reason for doing nothing is usually "I don't know who to send it
to".  Unfortunately, this rarely has an easy answer - but sending it to no
one is the most certain way to fail.  So please do something.  Take some
guesses and send it to a "minister for technology" or a "minister for
internal market" or a "minister for competition".

If I receive any better advice, I'll send it here, but please don't wait for
it because it might not come.

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