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[Fsfe-uk] Hilariously bad UKPO software patent decision

From: Alex Hudson
Subject: [Fsfe-uk] Hilariously bad UKPO software patent decision
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 12:33:18 +0000

This actually almost makes me want to cry. Glyn Wintle @ FFII-UK pointed
this out to us:

It's basically a patent on RISC virtual machines. Well, it's a patent on
doing CISC -> RISC conversion within a bytecode interpreter/virtual

As well as being examined by someone who admits "I find the concept
of a ‘virtual’ machine implemented in hardware to be inherently
confusing" (para 5, O/057/06), it also puts into words a fallacy which
is extremely easy to defend: "If hardware object A is patentable, then
software object B solving the same/similar problems is also patentable".
I think it's subtle nonsense.

I think this could be the poster-child patent for why ignoring the
software-ness of an invention is a bad habit.



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