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[Fsfe-uk] FSFE Newsletter

From: Free Software Foundation Europe
Subject: [Fsfe-uk] FSFE Newsletter
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 21:29:32 +0100

1. Looking back and forward
2. Georg Greve at "Nexell informiert"
3. Get Active: Join the Fellowship!

1. Looking back and forward

2006 was an exciting year for the Free Software community and for FSFE.

The Free Software Foundation Europe was and is involved in the
preparation of the new version of the GPL, the world's most successful
Free Software license, in the European Commission's efforts to stop
Microsoft abusing their monopoly, in the UN World Summit on Information
Society (WSIS), the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF), the World
Intellectual Property Organsiation (WIPO), and the EU funded project for
Scientific Education and Learning in Freedom (SELF). Besides that, FSFE
has taken the main initiative to launch drm.info, a portal about the
dangers of Digital Restriction Management.

Probably the most important project for the next year will be the
Freedom Task Force (FTF), which will provide licensing education,
ficuciary activities and license enforcement in the field of Free

2007 will be an important year for Free Software: With more and more big
players (like Sun or Novell) shifting a growing share of their business
activity towards Free Software, effects of a single move of one of these
players get stronger for both good and bad decisions. The existence of
an independent organisation like FSFE that keeps the focus on the long
term goals is essential for the Free Software ecosystem to remain

2. Georg Greve at "Nexell informiert"

In Zurich, Georg Greve gave a lecture titled "What is Free Software and
are Free Software solutions professional enough for our daily business?"
during the "Nexell informiert". "Nexell informiert" is a meeting where
experts are invited to talk and spread awareness about Free Software
issues, organised by the Nexell, an independent team of international
and multilingual CRM professionals.

3. Get Active: Join the Fellowship!

The Fellowship of FSFE is a community for digital freedom. Becoming a
Fellow is the easiest and most direct way to support the Free Software
Foundation Europe and Free Software in general. Fellows contribute in
three ways: financially, through the weight they give to the voice of
FSFE, and - if they want - through the work they do.

To help the Fellows in getting active, FSFE provides some infrastructure
for them to meet and coordinate: blogspace on fsfe.org, an email address
forwarding, a jabber account, and ad-hoc mailing lists - all available
exclusively for the Fellows.

However, probably the nicest thing a Fellow gets from FSFE is the
personalised OpenPGP conformant crypto card, so each Fellow can protect
his freedom and privacy directly and immediately.


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