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Re: [Fsfe-uk] AFFS still active?

From: Alex Hudson
Subject: Re: [Fsfe-uk] AFFS still active?
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 10:33:53 +0000

On Fri, 2007-01-26 at 10:17 +0000, Andrew Savory wrote:
> Perhaps it's time for a new team, a new plan, a fresh start?
> How about those that are interested in doing something meet up in  
> London within the next couple of weeks, to brainstorm?

That is an excellent idea.

The current status with AFFS is that we haven't moved much further
forward with banking than I previously advised this list. MJ, Adam and I
have been involved in putting some more paperwork together, and I'm
pretty hopeful it will get sorted sometime soon (although, with Adam
expecting in the next couple of weeks, we'll see ;). I don't think this
should prevent anything moving forward, but I would like to see
something/someone 'take it over' as it were.

There are other people who are definitely interested as well - I know
I've spoken to Matt Lee about this in the past, he knows people who are
interested in doing something, and I think is on this list?



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