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Re: [Fsfe-uk] BBC's DRM Iplayer windows only

From: Ciaran O'Riordan
Subject: Re: [Fsfe-uk] BBC's DRM Iplayer windows only
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2008 15:05:46 +0000
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Andy <address@hidden> writes:
> [...] FSFE [...]

> Apparently Public money collected forcefully by a government
> authorised agency being spent on a marketing campaign of MS Windows
> and Proprietary Software isn't important.

Have you contacted other organisations about working on this?

Or, to others, does anyone have suggestions for organisations who should be
made aware of this issue?

FSFE probably can't justify giving this more time than we're already giving
it, but this issue is not purly a free software issue.  If you want to build
pressure, it's best to build as broad a coalition as possible.

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