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Re: [Fsfe-uk] Content creation

From: rob
Subject: Re: [Fsfe-uk] Content creation
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2008 16:40:53 +0000
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Quoting Matt Lee <address@hidden>:

Aren't there issues with free implementations of CMYK that require some
kind of fee to be paid?

Nope. CMYK is way over a hundred years old. Any patents are long gone.

The problem in implementing CMYK is (as Alex mentions) technical, not legal. CMYK is the opposite to RGB, mathematically speaking, so you need two paths for colour in your application. Even Adobe took some time to get this right in Illustrator, and you can't mix the two colour models in Adobe product documents.

If Inkscape or Gimp were really serious about professional mass adoption, they would drop everything else and work on colour spaces until they have at least CMYK, Hi Fi (e.g. Hexachrome) and spot (e.g. Pantone) colour support atively.

This is the *single biggest thing by far* that prevents Free Software tools being taken seriously for professional design use. I cannot overstate its importance. But of course SVG doesn't support CMYK, which is insane, so Inkscape can't really support CMYK without extending the standard (which is very tempting). Gimp should though.

It's as if graphic designers were trying to write an operating system and telling programmers "we're not adding mass storage support because you don't need to use disk drives, you can just keep your computers always turned on and store stuff in memory".

It is that frustrating.

Maybe that's just Pantone(R).

Mmmm, Pantone... Yes they are very proprietary, don't try to add their colour definitions to your software. Lovely hues though. ;-)

- Rob.

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