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Re: [Fsfe-uk] Administrivia: html duplicates

From: Jon Grant
Subject: Re: [Fsfe-uk] Administrivia: html duplicates
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 23:13:24 +0000


> I don't see a simple request as alienating, nor on-server-conversion.
> It's far better than a few people flaming them to hell.

I don't see why anyone will be flamed, if they are sending a
plain-text+HTML email. I would welcome them onto the list, and not be
so stubborn as to try take them back to the 90s. Our email clients
support viewing as we wish, it's not the users who need to change any
of their configurations to suit you.

> > There are no "operators" in the modern world (this isn't Tron!),
> I was trying to side-step the whole owner/SaaS debate.  I think it's
> for MSN, Googlemail, Yahoo to fix their webmails.  Sorry for the
> confusion.  (I doubt they will, as html sells more expensive ads.
> Oh, and I see a Tron/MCP analogue for those webmail companies...)

MSN, GMail and Yahoo will never revert back to a default plain format
now. Arguing for it is like demanding people make webpages that work
with only 256 colour GIFs, or even in a 70 line terminal window - it
just wont happen without a market to support it (and there isn't one
for plain text anymore). It's simply time to move with the times and
adapt! It's just evolution, you've been out-evolved ;)

> > let's not rule those people out of our fsf-uk discussions.
> I don't want anyone to be ruled out, but I don't see why it's better
> to rule out plain-texters than htmlers.

I don't know of any plain-texters ruled out. I run Thunderbird and it
has no issues displaying the plain-text section of every email. Also
it supports viewing HTML only with plain formatting. If a member of
this list is using some legacy software which can't view the plain
text section of each email that shouldn't hold back the rest of the
world (things have moved on since the 90s). Put yourself in the shoes
of someone coming to this list (if they even bother to figure out the
mailing list, as they will all be on Forums and IM these days),
they're not going to want one of your canned replies refusing to speak
to them until they figure out how to reconfigure their email client.
(To give an example, my friend had no idea Yahoo could send in plain
text until I showed the hidden away option).. it's time for us to
change, not demand the rest of the world changes to suit this little
mailing list.

Cheers. Jon

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