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Re: [Fsfe-uk] Free software book?

From: Mark Preston
Subject: Re: [Fsfe-uk] Free software book?
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 21:30:25 +0000
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MJ Ray wrote:
> > Ciaran O'Riordan <address@hidden> wrote:
>> >> I liked Rebel Code, by Glyn Moody.  [...]
>> >> And "Open Sources Voices from the Open Source Revolution", [...]
>>> >>> Cathedral and the Bazaar ?
>> >> Bleh.  From what I've heard, it's not good.
> >
> > Go read the essay at least, rather than relying on hearsay.  The CatB
> > essay contains some glaring inaccuracies and overstated opinions, but
> > resonates with anyone who is frustrated by the quirks in how the GNU
> > project has been run in general.  I feel it's a large part of the
> > reason why the original, failed Open Source Initiative got so much
> > traction.  I found Homesteading the Noosphere more interesting, but
> > other than that, I've not much time for ESR's writing.
> >
> > A look-before-you-buy copy of Free as in Freedom is online at
> > http://www.faifzilla.org/
> >
> > OSVOSR was a bit obtuse for me.  I guess it depends how many of the
> > voices you like as people.
> >
> > Rebel Code has some faults, but is probably the best intro mentioned
> > in this thread so far.  If you like it more philosophical, I suggest
> > the Hacker Ethic by Pekka Himanen.
> >
> > Hope that helps,
FWIW I've read "The Cathedral and the Bazaar", "Free as in Freedom",
"Rebel Code" and "Just for Fun" (Linus Torvalds and David Diamond). They
all overlap to some degree. I would only recommend "The Cathedral and
the Bazaar" or "Rebel Code" as a first book to read on the subject. The
Cathedral and the Bazaar book includes Homesteading the Noosphere and is
really comparing Free Software development models. Glyn Moody's book
also includes more about public domain software and Tim Berners-Lee, so
this might be the best one to start with. They are all worth reading if
the subject of free software interests you.
Mark Preston

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