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[Fsfe-uk] GTK + Graphics project -- looking for a software engineer

From: Jon Grant
Subject: [Fsfe-uk] GTK + Graphics project -- looking for a software engineer
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2010 20:45:33 +0100

Is anyone available and interested to do some GTK and Graphics
programming for a project my company is going for? The work would be
done on a full-time basis in London. We don't have anyone available
currently so thought I would ask here.

I realise this isn't a recruitment list, but thought I would try
asking as it is GTK + Graphics programming work!

While the APIs are GTK, and would be working on a GNU+Linux
environment, the end product won't be GPL. So would need to be happy
working on that basis.

My company is well established, and well funded, so there would not be
any problems getting paid promptly on time every month!

Give me a quick email off list if anyone is interested in this.
Best regards, Jon

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