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[Gene-discuss] Insights Newsletter

From: Sundar Group
Subject: [Gene-discuss] Insights Newsletter
Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 18:55:14 -0400


Dear Investor,

First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued interest in The Sundar Group, and to reaffirm our ongoing commitment to assisting some of tomorrow’s leading companies.

Recently, we had the opportunity to introduce our “A” clients to Eden Energy Corporation (OTCBB: EDNE), and were delighted to see many of those clients become that company’s earliest shareholders. We are pleased to report that since introducing Eden to our clients at approximately US $2.00 per share, the company has traded as high as US $9.96. During this period, Eden has raised over US $40 million and has grown from a shareholder base in the hundreds to over 10,000. Today, the company has four major projects including a recent joint venture with $41 billion Canadian giant Suncor Energy, and with Nabors Drilling, a subsidiary of the $11 billion Nabors Industries. We’re pleased to see that Eden remains well financed and currently has US $32 million in its treasury.

At this time, we would like to offer you the opportunity to be among those who are notified first, providing you with a chance to fully capitalize on our most promising ventures. To make it clear, we are not investment advisors and do not advise whether a particular investment is appropriate for you. We are engaged to assist companies with investor relations and we try to choose our engagements carefully.

In order to take advantage of the opportunity to be notified early, we would invite you to visit our website and sign up at our “contact us” section or call us at toll free (888) 889-0888 to assure that your information is current, and that we have an up-to-date email or mailing address so we can contact you more quickly when an opportunity does arise. And of course, if you choose not to receive these early advisories, simply call our office.

The Sundar Group is honored to introduce you to our new feature client, Golden Peaks Resources Ltd. (GL:TVX / GDPEF:PK). This international exploration and resource company is focused on the discovery and development of gold deposits in Argentina, where it holds over 385,000 acres and has five projects with significant potential. This includes a recent discovery at Golden Peaks’ La Fortuna prospect in Patagonia, as well as a joint venture in La Rioja with Peruvian-based Minera Hochschild SA, one of South America's oldest and most established mining groups. The company’s senior management also boasts former executives from majors Cameco Corporation
and Homestake Mining. Our decision to work with Golden Peaks is based on what we view as a very rare opportunity to participate with a highly credible mining group just as they appear to be making a massive multi-million ounce gold discovery.

While we must caution these are early days, and that considerable work remains to be done, the initial results have been exceptional. Golden Peaks’ Fortuna gold discovery, though 150 miles south, is in the same geological setting as the giant Navidad and Esquel gold and silver deposits. The Fortuna prospect contains five extensively mineralized gold zones with multiple high grade gold outcrops. Drill testing of these dozens of exceptionally rich gold outcrops has just started and the results have been immediate. The first shallow seven hole “reconnaissance” program resulted in a discovery at the T-11 where an initial approximately 240,000 ounces is expected to be blocked out. It remains open to depth and strike.

The Company subsequently drill-tested a poorly exposed mineralized structure in an area called the Amphitheater, roughly one kilometer to the northwest of the T-ll. It was here that they made a second gold discovery. The Amphitheater consists of a mineralized zone on the side of a hill two square kilometers in size. Golden Peaks has already found 10 high grade gold outcrops within this zone. The Amphitheatre also lies at the intersection of two multi-kilometer long gold zones. One of these contains an old gold mine, with the potential that the Ampitheatre is at the source of a giant epithermal gold system. The Company is methodically drill-testing the area's gold outcrops and the latest results are the second and third outcrops to be drilled. (The first was the T-11.)

Drilling at the second outcrop intersected a world-class 65 meters grading 5.72 grams gold per ton (214 feet of 0.2 oz/ton gold). This zone, of just under two meters, averaged over 6 oz/ton of gold and 4.5 oz/ton silver. A second hole tested a nearby two meter wide high-grade gold outcrop and intercepted it roughly 30 meters below with an average grade of 3.65 grams per ton over 2.4 meters. Considering the limited amount of drilling thus far, this is an exceptional start and indicates that their property's many high-grade gold outcrops should lead to a significant gold resource. The Company has yet to establish the actual source of all these high grade gold outcrops and drilled zones. Clearly, judging from the extensive mineralization, a major geologic event and source is
responsible and its discovery could translate into a huge gold resource. In the meantime, if they can keep drilling off intersections similar to those just reported, it will not take long to establish a million ounce or so gold resource.

Following the initial T-11 gold discovery, Golden Peaks worked with London-based Ocean Equities to privately place $8.7 million of its shares to some of Europe's most respected financial institutions, including Rab Capital PLC, which manages one of the world's top performing resource funds. We are further reassured by the fact that Golden Peaks' management also participated in the financing. Combined with the recent exercise of warrants, Golden Peaks currently has $20 million cash, which is more than enough to fund their planned exploration and development of the Fortuna Project.

Shortly after this financing, the highly respected Zurich-based research group Equity Research ( initiated coverage. The group is known mostly for its analysis of major market trends, and in-depth analysis of resource frontiers from Africa's Congo to Caracas in South America. Its coverage is mostly on large-cap companies. Only very occasionally does it recommend small-caps such as Golden Peaks. It has initiated coverage at the onset of some of the last two decade's largest energy and gold developments. Included with this letter is the latest Equity Research quarterly report. An article regarding Golden Peak's discovery is on page 19.

While we are encouraged that a Swiss-based research group thinks Golden Peaks has made a major gold discovery, we also are very impressed by the calibre of the Company's management. This includes Golden Peaks President and CEO Kieran Downes a Ph.D., Geologist and former Senior Exploration Manager for Cameco. Likewise, Director Gillyeard Leathley was the driving force behind the development of some of America's premier mines including the Jolu, Eskay Creek, Santa Fe and Ruby Hill mines. Finally, Chairman Scott Emerson assisted in the financing of the Jolu project in association with Ingot Management, a private venture capital firm. He has been with Golden Peaks since its founding in 1993.

Having followed this Company closely for over five years, we now believe that it possesses all the key attributes to warrant a strong recommendation, particularly given the continued rise in gold prices.

Of course, there is a great deal more information to share about Golden Peaks Resources. For details about the company, you should review their recent 8-K filing on the SEC's website, including details about the company’s financial information and risk factors. Given our considerable expertise and exposure to emerging companies on markets worldwide, we have hopes of Golden Peaks becoming an industry leader in the years to come.

Before making an investment, we recommend you discuss it with your registered investment advisor. If you have any further questions about Golden Peaks or if you would like to receive a free investor package, I invite you to contact me directly. It would be my pleasure to provide any further information in person.


Jason Sundar, President



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