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[Gene-discuss] feminiz 5139

From: Kolleen Battaglia
Subject: [Gene-discuss] feminiz 5139
Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 09:41:22 -0700

X & n a x
A m B / E N
A m o x / c i I l / n
C i A L / S
V / a G R A
P R O z & C
S O m &
T r & m a d o I
M e R / D / A
L e V / T R A
V A L / u M

Several of our people were struck by lightning in the cave, when we
invited these creatures to come below; and they are as dead as stones.
Also he has not explained this! He held out the sword which Thorin had
worn, the sword which came from the Trolls lair.
The Great Goblin gave a truly awful howl of rage when he looked at
it, and all his soldiers gnashed their teeth, clashed their shields, and

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