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[Gene-discuss] Disappointed with your sexual health?

From: Enchilada A. Politicized
Subject: [Gene-discuss] Disappointed with your sexual health?
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2006 04:51:01 -0600

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I let myself be pushed down easily, since my chest was drenched in pain whenever I moved. I walked into the city proper and sat in a park until my head cleared. The chances were good that Angelina didnt know of its existence or, even if she had found out, that she wouldnt have done anything about it. As the sphere kept growing he started to drop behind, steadily losing ground. He still has his uses. Freibur was a planet that seemed designed for illegal operation. The monocycle drivers of course couldnt do this and had the choice of stopping or rushing headlong into the darkness. League currency was in circulation here, as well as local money, and the robot made no protest when I slipped a credit in its chest slot, though it did give me change in Freibur gildenundoubtedly at a ruinous rate of exchange.

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