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[Gene-discuss] Can you satisfy your girlfriend?

From: Lapel L. Canvasbacks
Subject: [Gene-discuss] Can you satisfy your girlfriend?
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2006 08:08:05 -0600

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As soon as the launching acceleration stopped I was out of the chair and attacking the control panel with the screwdriver ready in my hand. I had to think fast and I had to think right. It was small and tawdry, but offered no possible hiding place for an accomplice. The only other thing she said was Waithere, when she steamed into her room. In fact he was laughing, not crying. He was bigger than he looked sitting down and the fist he shook in my face was as large as a shoe. The hulls are identical. Many times when looking at her I had wondered why that deadly mind should be housed in such an attractive package.

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