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[Gene-discuss] Need some help?

From: Occludes V. Cherry
Subject: [Gene-discuss] Need some help?
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 04:47:00 -0600

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Exceptafter weeks of futile investigationI finally faced the brutal fact that we were both looking for different things. I went to sleep with the tape player whispering softly in my ears such ego-building epigrams as, You are better than everyone else and you know it, and people who dont know it had better watch out, and They are all fools and if you were in charge things would be different, and why arent you in charge, its easy enough. Nevertheless the opportunities were still there if you knew where to look. So of course I had no idea of how far we had traveled or where on Freibur I was. All I wanted to say was that I accepted the position, which was a big lie because I had had some such phrase in mind. Only when it was turned on and the green light glowed on the top did he relax a bit. When the Count came to with a busted head he would undoubtedly have some second thoughts about Angelina and revolutions. I was sleeping, I didnt hear him open the window, she said.

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