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[Gene-discuss] Want to cure yourself?

From: Brazenness B. Harelips
Subject: [Gene-discuss] Want to cure yourself?
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 17:00:09 -0600

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I stepped through, gun out, and pointed it at the back of his head. I sat and watched unseeingly while she went to the vidiphone. Like many other planets, this one was uniform-conscious. There were ways of fooling them, but it wasnt easy to do. And of course my moral fiber stiffened at the same moment. Your conversation is both dull and repetitious, I told him, because it was. That is almost the full extent of crime in our organized, dandified society. The reflection agreed but that didnt stop either of us from rolling up our sleeves and filling large hypodermic needles with murky madness.

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