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[Gene-discuss] Perfect sex? It is possible!

From: Calyx Q. Prophetic
Subject: [Gene-discuss] Perfect sex? It is possible!
Date: Sun, 05 Nov 2006 06:09:36 -0600

Do you have any problem in getting erection? Is age taking its toll on you?

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There were many rough-and-ready joints in the area and I made the rounds. About the only thing I hadnt hit to date was out and out armed robbery. And shut the big mouth. This gave me enough undisturbed time to search his study. The Warlord class battleship that is being built at the Cenerentola Spaceyards. I echoed my psychotic selfs attitudewhat a team we might have made! This was of course impossible, but that didnt stop me from wanting it. Famous last words, I said as I jumped sideways. Like all great ideas, this one was basically simple.

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