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[Gene-discuss] Healthy life is your dream?

From: Cenotaphs P. Abdications
Subject: [Gene-discuss] Healthy life is your dream?
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2006 00:12:30 -0600

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The side of his headwhere Angela had landed the bottlewas covered with plasti-skin and dry of sweat. With the automatic disregard for others of the truly dedicated, he pressed the scramble button on his desk. You have taught me a valuable lesson, and out of gratitude I will kill you quickly, instead of in the way I would much prefer. The local wholesalers had been quick to sense a bargain and I had orders for months ahead. This is the Stellar Star, the most prized award in the Guards. Keeping as close to the wall as I could, I made it to within twenty feet of them before I threw the gas grenade. The League fleet is already closing in on the renegades and you will be informed of the capture. You were growing up, getting over whatever idiotic notions ever involved you with the police in the first place.

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