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[Gene-discuss] Can't stand sex all night long?

From: Requiring V. Emend
Subject: [Gene-discuss] Can't stand sex all night long?
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2006 12:45:30 -0600

Are you not able to keep erection??

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Thats what this one was doing. Though I thought I would explode when she went into that innocence act!The cold feeling was now a ball of ice that threatened to paralyze me. A fault of birth or the ugliness of my parentswhom I hated deeply, the only right thing they ever did was to produce mehad given me a face that didnt fit my personality. The psiman was holding out a transcription, but he summed it up in one sentence. The Corps?Exactly. A long, thin bladed knife had been knocked from his hand by the impact and I could see it glittering where he reached for it. Jumping forward I grabbed his hand and pumped it. I pointed to Pepe Nero who was sitting near us in the restaurant eating slowly, mumbling tohimselfwith vacant-eyed dullness.

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