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[Gene-discuss] Be healthy, be wealthy!

From: Trifler M. Piglet
Subject: [Gene-discuss] Be healthy, be wealthy!
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2006 00:42:17 -0600

Do you have anxiety over your erection??

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Then eliminate him and go the rest of the way ourselves. The voice boomed out. Cars!Guns!I bellowed. Only a few of the women even remotely resembled her, but it took only a few words each time to settle the fact that they were true-blue blue-blood and not my little interstellar killer. The kind of thing that leaves a warm glow lodged in thememory, thatproduces a twinge of happiness for years after whenever it is nudged. I had been through a lot for one day, and was thoroughly battered, bruised, contused and concussed. I had to be the local punk who had made good and was still on my way up in the universe. The mechanism worked fine and the cartridges still held all their deadly power, but there would be some difficulty m shooting the thing after I filed off the end of the firing pin.

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