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[Gene-discuss] Simple way to enhance your sexual life.

From: Loiterers D. Professor
Subject: [Gene-discuss] Simple way to enhance your sexual life.
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 16:19:56 -0600

Get rock hard with much more girth in just 15 mins. Keep going for as long as she wants.

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It is a perfect example of what is wrong with the Freiburian economy under the gracious rule of Villelm the Incompetent. There were ways of fooling them, but it wasnt easy to do. I had to think fast and I had to think right. Any man that can con an entire world into building a battleship for himthen steal it from themis not going to stop there. This lost planet had been cut off from the mainstream of galactic culture for maybe a thousand years, until contact had been reestablished after the Breakdown. There may be other people who feel as you do, that there is change in the wind. And all the time following a careful route that covered every inch of the suite. What made the situation most embarrassing was that she had set a trap for mewhen I thought I was huntingher.

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