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[Gene-discuss] U won't believe!

From: Arlene G. Importance
Subject: [Gene-discuss] U won't believe!
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 05:01:45 -0500

You'll get the best erection you can remember in many years for sure.

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A wiseguy?I asked, loud enough for everyone in the joint to hear. A nearby spot provided all threeafter I had chased the hookers away. Before he could talk I did, foot in the door and stay on top. With infinite caution, struggling against the fatigue that wanted my hands to shake, I peeled my shirt slowly off. And the name of the peace-loving planet that is building this bad memory from the past?Cittanuvo. It was almost dark by thistime,however I knew that the shipping department would be busy most of the night. The mood of space piracy had seized me and I had been going along fine. Dont want to waste time, do we? The ship isopen,they can check that whenever they please,My manner, clothes, jewelry,theeasy way I passed money around and the luxurious sheen of my bags, could mean only one thing.

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