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[Gene-discuss] Make it better!

From: Mckay Rebecca
Subject: [Gene-discuss] Make it better!
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 15:27:39 +0000

Hei Man

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and at the  bodyguard with what seemed like hatred. ' And what business have
you, a criminal lunatic, to discuss such matters! ' Pilate shouted. ' Remove
the  guards from the  balcony! '  And turning to his  secretary he added:  '
Leave me alone with this criminal. This is a case of treason.'
    The bodyguard raised their lances  and with the measured tread of their
iron-shod  caligae  marched from the balcony towards the garden  followed by
the secretary.
    For  a  while the  silence  on  the  balcony was  only disturbed bv the
splashing of the fountain. Pilate watched the water splay out at the apex of
the jet and drip downwards.

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