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[Gene-discuss] Big Guys have Big thing

From: Gunawan Seth
Subject: [Gene-discuss] Big Guys have Big thing
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 03:34:57 +0000

Hei Chap

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    'What's that on your face? '
    'The car braked suddenly and I hit myself on the door-handle,' replied
Varenukha, averting his eyes.
    'He's  lying!' said Rimsky  to himself. Suddenly  his eyes gaped with
utter horror and he pressed himself against the back of his chair.
    On the floor behind Varenukha's chair lay two intersecting shadows, one
thicker and blacker than the  other.  The shadows  cast  by the  back of the
chair and its tapering legs were clearly visible, but above  the  shadow  of
the chairback there was no shadow or' Varenukha's head, just as there was no
shadow of his feet to be seen under the chairlegs.

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