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[Gene-discuss] Time to make it bigger!

From: Seabrook Paco
Subject: [Gene-discuss] Time to make it bigger!
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 09:12:59 +0000

Greet dude

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    The queue was in a  state of high excitement,  attracting the attention
of  the  passers-by  and busily  swapping  hair-raising  stories  about  the
previous   evening's  incredible   performance   of  black   magic.  Vassily
Stepanovich  the  accountant,  who had  not been at  yesterday's  show,  was
growing more and more uneasy. The  commissionaires were saying  unbelievable
things, such as how after the show  a  number of ladies had been seen on the
street  in  a  highly  improper  state.  The  shy  and  unassuming   Vassily
Stepanovich could only blink as  he listened to the description of all these
sensations and felt  utterly  unable  to  decide  what  to  do  ;  meanwhile
something had to  be done and it was he who had to do it, as he  was now the

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