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[Gene-discuss] It's Time to make it larger!

From: Girard Mark
Subject: [Gene-discuss] It's Time to make it larger!
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 14:41:40 +0000

Greet dude

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me? Surely not a chit for a urine test? Ah!  Perhaps he stole my overcoat! '
The professor  dashed into  the hall,  dragging his overall by one sleeve. '
Xenia Nikitishna! ' he  screamed in the hall. ' Will  you look and see if my
overcoat's in the cupboard? '
    It was.  But  when the  professor returned to his  desk having  finally
taken  off his  overall, he stopped as though rooted to the parquet, staring
at the desk. Where the labels had been there now  sat  a black kitten with a
pathetically unhappy little face, miaowing over a saucer of milk.
    'What is going on here? This is . . .' And Kuzmin felt a chill run up
his spine.

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