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[Gene-discuss] It's Time to make it bigger!

From: Lemonna Eduard
Subject: [Gene-discuss] It's Time to make it bigger!
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 07:10:25 +0000

YO Buddy

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vndjfghskjwehskdfjsdfg olrlrmrsrgnnrhrtsqrpsusnsutsrfrfstslsrrlopsprjsf

    As he set off  after  the villains  Ivan  realised at  once that it was
going to be  very  hard to catch them up. In a flash the three of  them were
across the street and on the  Spiridonovka. Ivan quickened his pace, but the
distance  between him  and  his  quarry grew no  less. Before  the poet  had
realised it they had left the quiet Spiridonovka and were approaching Nikita
Gate,  where  his  difficulties  increased.  There  was a  crowd and to make
matters  worse  the evil band  had  decided to use  the favourite  trick  of
bandits on the run and split up.
    With great agility  the choirmaster jumped on board  a moving bus bound
for Arbat Square and vanished. Having lost  one of  them,  Ivan concentrated

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