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[Gene-discuss] Big Guys have Big sausage

From: Steffensen Jennifer
Subject: [Gene-discuss] Big Guys have Big sausage
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 09:23:13 +0000

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foot of the hill.
    'Oh, God! ' groaned the Levite. He knew he was too late.
    With the passing of the fourth hour of the execution Matthew's torments
reached their climax and drove  him to a  frenzy.  Rising from his stone, he
hurled the stolen knife to the ground, crushed his flask with his foot, thus
depriving himself  of water, snatched  the  kefiyeh from his  head, tore his
flowing  hair  and  cursed  himself. As he  cursed  in streams of gibberish,
bellowed  and spat, Matthew slandered his father and  mother  for  begetting
such a fool.
    Since cursing and swearing had no apparent effect  at  all and  changed

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