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[Gene-discuss] It's Time to make it larger NOW!

From: Lazo Rodrigo
Subject: [Gene-discuss] It's Time to make it larger NOW!
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 18:24:05 +0000

Yo buddy

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it will make you look better!

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fddgerdfglkgjmeritufdng fgkgkhklkrgmkukkjtksjpiiihfhhshqhqhghoislmhkiohq

about Pontius Pilate . . . and you're done for.'
    At this point something odd happened to Ivan Nikolayich. His will-power
seemed to crumple. He felt himself weak and in need of advice.
    'What should I do, then? ' he asked, timidly this time.
    'Splendid! ' said Stravinsky. ' A most reasonable question.
    Now I'll tell  you what  has really happened to  you. Yesterday someone
gave you a bad fright and upset you with this story about Pontius Pilate and
other things. So  you, worn out and nerve-racked,  wandered  round  the town
talking about Pontius Pilate. Quite naturally people took you for a lunatic.
Your only salvation now is complete rest. And you must stay here.'

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