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[Gene-discuss] Time to make it larger!

From: Vlasova Maria
Subject: [Gene-discuss] Time to make it larger!
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 04:14:44 +0000

Hei buddy

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. . ' He tried to smile but his eyes were still blinking with fear and his
hands trembled.  However he gradually calmed  down, flapped his handkerchief
and with a brave enough ' Well, now. .  . ' carried on the conversation that
had been interrupted by their drink of apricot juice.
    They had been talking, it seemed, about Jesus Christ. The fact was that
the editor had commissioned the poet to write a long anti-religious poem for
one of the regular issues of  his magazine. Ivan Nikolayich had written this
poem in record  time, but unfortunately the editor did not  care for  it  at
all.  Bezdomny had drawn the chief figure in  his poem, Jesus, in very black
colours, yet in the editor's opinion the whole poem had to be written again.

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