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[Gene-discuss] It's time to Upgrade your ramrod to XL

From: Hammond Andrew
Subject: [Gene-discuss] It's time to Upgrade your ramrod to XL
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 10:56:52 +0000

Hei Man

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wished them a quick death.
    At the gap in the lower cordon the diminutive commander of the ala, his
forehead damp  and  his white  tunic  soaked  with  the sweat of  his  back,
occasionally walked over to  the  leather bucket in No.  I.  Troop's  lines,
scooped up the water in  handfuls, drank and moistened his turban. With this
slight relief  from the heat he  would return and  recommence pacing up  and
down  the dusty  path leading to the top. His long sword bumped against  his
laced leather  boot. As commander he had  to  set an example of endurance to
his men, but he considerately  allowed them  to  stick their lances into the
ground and drape their white cloaks over the tops of the shafts. The Syrians

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