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Re: [Gforge-user]

From: Christian BAYLE
Subject: Re: [Gforge-user]
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 00:28:37 +0100
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Ulf Jakobsson a écrit:

Hi !

Has anyone solved the issues regarding the user accounts on Gforge ? I mean web_forge_user_accounts and and be able to do cvs checkouts
(and/or uses ssh) ?

There is a script called that is used to create "ldap user
accounts" from web accounts. But it's not working regarding to Christian

This should work, isn't it? I will check this

Basically our wish is to just get the cvs up and running so users
registered on the web, can do checkouts. (I'm not sure if web users also
need to be able to login via ssh)

Can someone give us some hints or pointers in the right direction?
The debian config is enabling anonymous co by default
and ssh is used for writers.

Question 2:
We're running a debian system now with gforge 3.0-0+7, but we have
customized the "look and feel" a bit and changed some scripts. We have
also removed some tabs ("Code Snippets" etc) When we later on do a
apt-get upgrade gforge, how do we make sure our changes not dissapears?
I would suggest to cutomize look using a theme, but I'm afraid this doesn't allow to change tab contents I would suggest you make a diff between your current version and 3.0-0+7 and apply it to next version
and resolv conflicts.

The best if you change something is to suggest this changes as an evolution/improvement/plugin to gforge devel. For exemple think on how to make menu customizable could be a nice feature that should allow you to remove easily some tabs.

If you need to do big changes in your code there is a trick, you can just create a /etc/gforge/custom/pre.php file
you include in a customizer package or in a theme package.
This /etc/gforge/custom/pre.php will replace /usr/share/gforge/www/include/pre.php that contains almost all gforge includes.
But be carrefull you will have to maintain coherency with what you replace.

Using this I could create a vhost with completly different view of sourceforge database on debian-sf package, but this is not really
easy to maintain.



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