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[Gnotary-devel] Re: tip 170

From: Oni Paez
Subject: [Gnotary-devel] Re: tip 170
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 18:27:28 -0800

V q MC t I

Vemi s c Annou z nces $9 M Aq w uis e ition of N d uscr z ibe Which
Brings Combined Technology To Change The Educational
And Me q dic a al Industries!

Com l pany : V v emi d cs
Sy k mb x ol : V p MC l I
Status : Ho e t Technology Re w lea q se
Pr x ic y e : $ 0, k 60
5 Day Ta c rge g t: $ 1 g .80

What these two c s ompani s es do is a q mazi p ng. V p MC n I pro z vide t s
technology that al p lows its cus l tomer d s to have completely
interactive and li s ve educational and co b nferenc c ing solutions.
In connection with eLea e rni b ng D z eskto h p they already
providing c v omplete o ly virtual edu w cationa w l programs and
through EP L p ive Onl n ine they have ho y st k ed a live and completely
interactive me b dica k l Foru z m to the world.

N r uScr a ibe of m fe d rs to over 600,00 s 0 me z dica d l professionals nationwide
voice activated m w edica v l record cre f atio l n industry for the spee l d
and e q fficie u ncy of me w dic y al records ad f ministrat e ion.

Combined these two co i mpan k ies are now focused at spac z e age
technology and s b ervic b es that are without e h qual. Nu s Scrib s e is
already tr a adin f g at $ 0, c 90 and V c MC m I is currently t h radin w g at $ 0, p 60

This news is going out all over the wire v s. Get in bef a ore this
one goes thro g ugh the roo o f! This quick rising s u to i ck is a good
lo v ng t q erm winn k er. This s q toc e k is going high due to sup u erb b i usi e ness
s l olutions.

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