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Downl0ad Clay and Ruben

From: Movies Download Newsletter
Subject: Downl0ad Clay and Ruben
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 17:48:51 +0500

Not sure if I got the right address or not, but check this out. Its a good gift 

You can peer to peer to share games, music and stuff.  I downloaded 5 full CD 
albums so far.
Wait untill you see the selection of music and dvd's - it's pretty awsome.

Theres this awsome section of the site that shows you how to burn the games & 
music and movies to CD.

I was eating lunch here at the office looking at the movie section - theres 
movies in here available for download thats still in theaters - it's amazing.

I'll Talk to you next week if you get back by then.


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