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PSGML changes, especially for DTD-less editing

From: Dave Love
Subject: PSGML changes, especially for DTD-less editing
Date: 21 Feb 2002 19:24:40 +0000
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I've made a load of changes to PSGML (an SGML structure editor for
Emacs).  These involve cleanups and fixes which would nearly make it
suitable for inclusion in Emacs.  I've done some work on Custom
support, not yet included, and need to update the doc somewhat.

I've sent this to Staflin, but I'm advertising it since the changes
support editing of DTD-less (XML) documents which may be of particular
use.  Sorry that feature isn't separated out.  I've only tested it in
Emacs 21, and not very extensively.  If I've broken it for Emacs 20 or
recent XEmacs, please let me know.

See the patch against PSGML 1.2.4 at
<URL:> for the

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