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ttn-pers-elisp 1.40 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: ttn-pers-elisp 1.40 available
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 05:28:43 -0800

this release is basically to try out etach.el by John M. Rulnick, on
different machines.  tarball and friends in dir:

NEWS excerpt follows.


- VERSION 1.40 (released 2002/03/19)

  - New imported package: etach.el

        This is version 1.2.6, originally from directory:

        The command `M-x attach' is now set to autoload etach.el.

  - In RMAIL `C-c C-w' on a MIME attachment now writes it to disk

        This is an extension of the rmime.el package which required
        redefining `rmime-interact' (changes posted to gnu-emacs-sources
        and emailed to rmime.el author).

  - Minor enhancements

    - `dict' output cleanup heuristics updated

    - `M-o' now also disregards separate frames w/ name "Calendar"

    - New command: `set-pointer-shape' (current favorite: 90)

    - `zone-pgm-drip' no longer gratuitously moves point to 1 in main loop

    - `xlsfonts' binds SPC and DEL to forward and backward page, resp.

    - bugfix: syntax error in `release'

    - release checklist file renamed to ".release" from ".release.el"


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