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ttn-pers-elisp 1.44 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: ttn-pers-elisp 1.44 available
Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2003 06:52:11 +0100

greetings earthlings,

lots of little things here and there in this release (NEWS excerpt
below).  most requested feature is "--with-sitelisp=DIR" option to
the configure script.  another nicety given changes in emacs 21
compilation is `toggle-compilation-parse-errors-function'.  tarball,
expanded dist, and other files are in dir:

check out dist-lisp-index.html (and its generating program), too.


- VERSION 1.44 (released 2003-12-07)

  - New command: setup-browse-url

        This makes `browse-url' use w3m in rxvt.

  - New commands/keybindings for RMAIL summary mode

        [f10] rmail-summary-save-same-mbox            (C-o RET)
        [f11] rmail-summary-save-same-babyl-nodelete  (o RET C-p u C-n)
        [f12] rmail-summary-save-same-babyl           (o RET)

  - Indentation updates for scheme-mode

        Forms that begin w/ these symbols are now indented like `let':


  - Veneration now includes `vc-exec-after'

  - Env vars no longer set: l, ll, LL, c

  - Var set to nil: mode-line-in-non-selected-windows

  - New command: jamenv-buffer

  - Hook `find-file-hooks' no longer includes `maybe-eval-last-page'

  - `insert-zonkme' now scans for current ttn-pers-scheme version

        Previously, you had to specify which version to use for the
        zonkme.  Now, `insert-zonkme' finds the file "ttn/VERSION"
        in guile's `%load-path' and offers its contents as the default
        in the minibuffer.

  - Installation bugfix: doing "make" multiple times is now handled

  - New ./configure option: --with-sitelisp=DIR

        Normally, ./configure finds the first non-version-specific
        "site-lisp" directory in `load-path' and arranges for "make
        install" to place the installed files there.  This option
        specifies another directory to use.  Note that DIR should *not*
        end with a slash.

  - Installation no longer signals error on "make check"

        Although this target is supported, currently it does nothing.

  - New command: toggle-compilation-parse-errors-function

        This toggles the value of `compilation-parse-errors-function'
        between its normal value and a nop-lambda.  This is useful if
        you use M-x compile to execute commands outside the "compile
        and check for errors" context.

  - New command: watch

        This runs a command periodically (say "pstree" every 2 sec),
        and displays its output in a buffer.  Any input causes the
        watching to stop (and the input is passed through to emacs).

[NEWS excerpt ends here]

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