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Real products for real people.h

From: Kyle Vaughn
Subject: Real products for real people.h
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 17:18:29 GMT

Don't Waste Your Time at the Doctor's Office!

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We currently have specials on the following items:sledgehammer

Name  What it does
Phentermine Helps eliminate excess body-fatpitchfork
Fioricet Relieves headache pain and migraine headachesaerogene
Tramadol Alleviates mild/mild-severe levels of pain throughout bodyal
Ambien Cures insomnia & other sleep disordersraritan
Prilosec Treats acid reflux disease, extreme heartburnopposition
Prozac For depression, OCD and/or eating disorderssandblast
Didrex An appetite suppressant to help reduce weightindisputable

ALL Prescriptions are FREE!duma
Our qualified physicians are standing by to serve you.
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