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Re: generic mode for pgp encrypted files e.g. to store passwords

From: Josef Bauer
Subject: Re: generic mode for pgp encrypted files e.g. to store passwords
Date: 02 Aug 2004 13:27:03 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.3

 RMS> Could you possibly make it into a contribution to Mailcrypt?

 Josef> Well ... in my view it is only a tiny gimmick for .emacs
 Josef> files. So I am impressed to hear from RMS in person :-0 . But
 Josef> given this fact I will think about that ;-) .

Maybe I should wait if someone sees need for improvement. I put the
emails found on the site to
BCC. Although ... the site does not look very active to me.

 RMS> We recommend GPG, which is free software, over PGP which is not.
 RMS> Does this work with GPG as well?

 Josef> No ... at the moment it is partly hard coded to pgp. I need to
 Josef> check what needs to be done to make it work with gpg. I
 Josef> believe that my current version of mailcrypt does not support
 Josef> gpg but newer versions should do.

Below I put a version that works for mailcrypt 3.5.8, gpg 1.2.4 and
(again) GNU emacs 21.3.1.

First a related part of my .emacs:

(require 'mailcrypt)
(mc-setversion "gpg")    ; for PGP 2.6 (default); also "5.0" and "gpg"
(setq mc-gpg-user-id "address@hidden")

And this is the generic mode for gpg encrypted files:

(define-generic-mode 'mc-gpg-file-mode
  (list ?#) 
  nil nil
  '(".gpg\\'" ".gpg-encrypted\\'")
  (list (lambda () 
            (add-hook 'local-write-file-hooks
                          (lambda () 
                            (setq mc-pgp-always-sign 'never)
                             (list mc-gpg-user-id) 
                             (point-min) (point-max) 0)
                            nil nil) nil t)
            (add-hook 'after-save-hook 
                      (lambda () (mc-decrypt)
                        (set-buffer-modified-p nil)) 
                      nil t)
            (auto-save-mode nil)
            (set-buffer-modified-p nil))
  "Mode for gpg encrypted files"

Best regards


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