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ECB 2.26 is released!

From: Klaus Berndl
Subject: ECB 2.26 is released!
Date: 12 Aug 2004 17:30:41 +0200
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                              ECB 2.26 is released!

What's new in the new release:

* Changes for ECB version 2.26

** Improved the performance of the directories-buffer-display
   Reduced the need of completely rebuilding the whole directories-tree-buffer
   when just switching between buffers and the related directories are already
   expanded. This can dramatically increase the speed of the tree-buffer
   display when displaying the sources-files in the directories-buffer (see
   `ecb-show-sources-in-directories-buffer'). Thanks to Rob Walker
   <address@hidden> for tracking down the performance bottleneck and
   supplying a first patch.

** Per default all mouse-actions in the special ECB-buffers are now triggered
   first after releasing the mouse-button and not when pressed as with
   previous ECB-versions. This is the standard behavior of Emacs and of most
   applications. But with the new option `ecb-tree-mouse-action-trigger' a
   user can switch back to the old behavior.

   As a side effect now the ECB-tree-buffers can be used during an active
   isearch - at least with GNU Emacs. Thanks to Markus Gritsch
   <address@hidden> for pointing to this problem.

** ECB sets autom. temp-buffer-resize-mode rsp. temp-buffer-shrink-to-fit when
   needed. This modes are needed when a permanent compile-window is used
   because otherwise the correct sizing of the compile-window according to the
   settings in ecb-compile-window-temporally-enlarge and
   ecb-enlarged-compilation-window-max-height is not possible. After disabling
   the permanent compile-window or when deactivating ECB the original settings
   of these modes are restored!
** Some regexp-options has been changed to regexp-list-options:
   `ecb-excluded-directories-regexp' --> `ecb-excluded-directories-regexps'
   `ecb-source-file-regexps'         --> `ecb-source-file-regexps'
   `ecb-exclude-parents-regexp'      --> `ecb-exclude-parents-regexps'

   All these options now accept (and require) a list of regexps instead of
   exactly one big regexp. This allows easier regexp-definition and follows
   now the way Emacs goes with other regexp-options like `same-window-regexps'
   or `special-display-regexps' which are also lists of regexps.

   ECB autom. upgrades your old settings to the new option-types rsp. also
   -names (if the option has been renamed).

** New option `ecb-history-exclude-file-regexps' for excluding certain files
   from being displayed in the history-buffer of ECB. Currently the filenames
   TAGS and semantic.cache are excluded per default. Thanks to Javier Oviedo
   <address@hidden> for the suggestion.

** ECB now displays read-only source-files in a different face.
   For this a new option and a new face are offered both named
   `ecb-source-read-only-face' (default: italic) which is used to display
   source-files in the sources-tree-buffer (or in the directories-tree-buffer
   if `ecb-show-sources-in-directories-buffer' is not nil) if the file is
** Fixed bugs

*** Fixed merging faces with XEmacs.
    Now options like `ecb-type-tag-display' (merges own ECB-faces to already
    by semantic faced tags) work also correct with XEmacs. ECB-versions prior
    to 2.26 has not merged the ECB-faces to the already applied faces of a
    text but instead replaced the applied faces with the ECB ones. Now all
    faces are merged.

*** Now the command `ecb-expand-methods-nodes' and all the expand-* menu-entries
    in the popup-menu of the methods-buffer work for non-semantic-buffers too.

*** Fixed a bug concerning `ecb-auto-expand-tag-tree-collapse-other'.
    Thanks to Javier Oviedo <address@hidden> for pointing to the problem.

*** Handles not existing source-paths in `ecb-source-path' correct.


How to get it:

Sorry, it's too big to post the sources here...

If you are using ECB >= 1.80 then you can just call "M-x ecb-download-ecb" if
you are online. ECB will then download autom. latest and newest ECB and
install it for you.

Or go to the homepage at and download it from

General description of ECB:

ECB stands for "Emacs Code Browser".  While Emacs already has good
*editing* support for many modes, its *browsing* support is somewhat
lacking. That's where ECB comes in: it displays a number of informational
windows that allow for easy source code navigation and overview.

The informational windows can contain:

  - A directory tree,
  - a list of source files in the current directory,
  - a list of functions/classes/methods/... in the current file, (ECB uses the
    Semantic Bovinator, or Imenu, or etags, for getting this list so all
    languages supported by any of these tools are automatically supported by
    ECB too)
  - a history of recently visited files, 
  - the Speedbar and
  - output from compilation (the "*compilation*" window) and other modes like
    help, grep etc. or whatever a user defines to be displayed in this window.

As an added bonus, ECB makes sure to keep these informational windows visible,
even when you use C-x 1 and similar commands.

It goes without saying that you can configure the layout, ie which
informational windows should be displayed where. ECB comes with a number of
ready-made window layouts to choose from.

Here is an ascii-screenshot of what ECB offers you:

|              |                                                 |
| Directories  |                                                 |
|              |                                                 |
|--------------|                                                 |
|              |                                                 |
| Sources      |                                                 |
|              |                                                 |
|--------------|                   Edit-area                     |
|              |    (can be splitted in several edit-windows)    |
| Methods/Vars |                                                 |
|              |                                                 |
|--------------|                                                 |
|              |                                                 |
| History      |                                                 |
|              |                                                 |
|                                                                |
|                 Compilation-window (optional)                  |
|                                                                |

For more details go to


Klaus Berndl                    mailto: address@hidden
sd&m AG               
software design & management    
Carl-Wery-Str. 42, 81739 Muenchen, Germany
Tel +49 89 63812-392, Fax -220

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